New Years Eve Baked Brie and 2016 Signature Cocktail

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It’s already New Years Eve, where did this year go? I feel like I just jumped from life event to life event this year and barely had a moment to savor any of the good times. It is time for me to slow down and take it easy tonight, with the most simple but spectacular appetizer and cocktail combo that will wow any New Years Eve guest.

Baked Brie with Apricot Preserves and Pecans


This baked brie is so incredibly simple that literally anyone can pull it off. It starts with a couple of ingredients that you can get at any grocery store


  • Large, 8 1/2″ Brie
  • 1/4 Cup Apricot Preserves
  • 1 Cup Chopped Pecans
  • Whole Pecans for Garnish
  • Course Kosher Salt
  • Crackers, Bread, Pita Chips, Vegetables, or any other dippable items


Unwrap your brie from the wax packaging. Place a large piece of tin foil into a 9″ diameter baking dish and place your brie on top of the foil.


Evenly coat your brie with about a 1/4 cup of your apricot preserves. I like to use apricot preserves because of its tartness but you can use any type of jam that you prefer.


Add a layer of chopped pecans around the top of your brie and arrange whole pecans into any shape that you would like. Finally, sprinkle the top with a healthy tablespoon of course kosher salt.


Place your baking dish over another piece of tinfoil that is large enough to fold up over the entire thing.

Fold the tinfoil up over the brie, making sure to not let any of the foil touch the top of the brie. Crimp the edges of the foil together to keep the heat in. Pop the whole thing into a 375 degree oven for 40-50 minutes until the brie is ooey gooey and very runny.


Absolutely amazing. You can pull back the foil and serve the brie straight from the baking dish or move it to a serving platter.


This brie dish is so simple but looks and tastes like it was made by a gourmet chef. It also travels well: make and bake the brie ahead of time and just pop it into your party host’s oven for 5-10 minutes to warm it back up before serving. If your serving a small group you can use a small brie and reduce ingredients accordingly. You can also prepare three smaller bries and rotate them from fridge to oven to table as the brie is finished so that you always have warm brie and don’t risk wasting any uneaten food.

2016 Signature Cocktail: Sparkling Greyhound Martini


Are you ready to become a professional bartender? Because all of your friends will think you are after you serve them our 2016 Signature Cocktail. This mix of fresh citrus, vodka, and prosecco gives this cocktail a unique and delicious flavor that you will not want to stop drinking. Be careful of this, because these bad boys are strong!


  • Juice of 5 Grapefruits, about a 1/4 cup of juice per cocktail
  • 1 Bottle of good Italian Prosecco
  • Kettle One Vodka- one shot per glass
  • Zest of One Lemon
  • Colored Sugars for Rim (optional)


Begin by juicing your grapefruits into a thin plastic or paper bowl and place into your freezer for 45 minutes, or until the juice has the consistency of a slushy. Fluff up your mixture with a spoon or fork when you are ready to put your cocktails together.


Place your colored sugar in a dish that has a surface area that is larger than your glass. Dip the rim of your martini glass into your grapefruit slush then dip into your sugar, rolling the rim into the sugar to get an even coat.


To assemble your cocktails: start with one shot of Kettle One vodka and pour into your glass.


Add 5-6 tablespoons of your grapefruit slush to your vodka.


Fill your martini glass to the top with prosecco.


Zest a lemon and top each of your drinks with a pinch of zest for color.


And that is it! Seriously easy and seriously delicious. Whether you are entertaining at home or heading to a party, these recipes are sure to wow.


I hope that your New Year celebration is full of laughter, champagne, and fun. May 2017 bring you tons of good fortune and good recipes. My January post will be all about beating the middle-of-winter blues with a boozy brunch with gal pals. Stay tuned!

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