Shabu Shabu at CP Restaurant and Lounge

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Autumn is here and I am welcoming it with open arms and an eager belly! I am so ready for cold, cozy nights full of warm comfort food.

It is the perfect time to visit our friends at CP Restaurant and Lounge in Newport Beach for their party-sized Shabu Shabu. If you have never had Shabu, you are seriously missing out. Shabu Shabu means “Swish Swish,” which describes the process of dipping meats, veggies, and other proteins into a boiling pot of beautiful stock to cook. The gorgeous bites of food are then dipped into your choice of Ponzu sauce or sesame sauce (or both) before you devour every bite! The proteins and veggies help flavor the stock, which is then used to make a noodle soup that will warm you on the most bitter cold nights!

Join my friends and me at CP Restuarant and Lounge to discover the magic that is Shabu Shabu:


Visit CP Restaurant and Lounge at:

2800 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663




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